Videography - How to Hire a Video Professional for your Wedding

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How to Hire a Video Professional for your Wedding


How to Hire a Video Professional for your wedding.

The right videographer can preserve precious moments for generations to come.


1. Obtain glowing recommendations from friends, family and your photographer.

2. Plan to interview three to five video professionals

3. Ask to see a DEMO TAPE or DVD to ascertain the quality of their shooting and editing skills

4. Ask Questions

a. Who will actually be doing the filming?

b. How many years have they been in the wedding business?

c. How do you adjust for the various lighting?

d. Will you receive an edited DVD?

e. What types of shots are included in the DVD?

f. Are you able to add an introduction or photos from childhood?

5. Get a contract

Draw up a comprehensive contract that includes a description of the coverage location; the date and times of production; the names the specific individuals who will be doing the taping; a technical description of what will be done, such as multi-camera use and editing; how much you will pay and when; responsibility for the materials if lost or destroyed; the approximate finished length; and the final completion date.